'LAMA?' (Amit Kanfi), born in 1995, is a Tel Aviv based artist.

The question LAMA? ("Why?" in hebrew) lays within every person's curiosity and willing to understand situations, actions, thoughts, and life in general. 

In the past years, Influenced by post traumatic stress disorder that has been taken along with LAMA? from the war in Gaza, he has worked on developing his own visual language, naturally having a melancholic, yet hopeful touch to his work. 

Through the ongoing language development process, LAMA? is willing to express thoughts on the common "9-5 day job" lifestyle that many of us choose to live by, give his impression of urban society behavior, and to attempt and find a correlation between the two and the on going political stress taking place in the Israeli public, portrayed through repetitive motives.

The works take place both in studio and outdoors.

In studio they take place in the form of daily-life painted objects or mixed media pieces such as industrial cardboard or wood surfaces and hand stitching, as an attempt to correlate them to the Industrial Revolution, aspiring to use that as a metaphor to the "school, job, bills" routine, which is said to be a main reason for Alienation in mankind.

Outdoors, the works are aimed to reach, connect and communicate with the viewers, trying to let them see themselves in the process of the work and in the complete results, and are therefore mostly created in busy, central areas during the day.